Essential Points to Consider When Hiring a Luxurious Wedding Car

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Walking down the aisle is a dream come true for anybody and so are the days preceding the wedding. A lot of budgeting, anticipation, discussions and bouts of emotions fill the bride and groom’s houses. Outlining the events of the day, breaking it down to the minutest details and getting people together to make your fantasy come true could be a humongous task.

Most importantly setting a budget is what would be termed one of the most overwhelming tasks. Allocating costs to clothes for the bride and groom, venue, food and beverages, and photographer is tedious.

Though hiring a luxury car for you and your guest would look like menial work and is often overlooked, it is actually of paramount importance and sets the tone for the day. Meeting with the car rental company, discussing at length the number of cars required, the type of car that would suit the occasion, etc, is a must for the car squad to be a success.

Things Need to Be Kept In Mind Before Finalise The Luxurious Vehicle For Wedding Day:

#1 – Setting Aside a Budget for Transportation:

Budgeting your grand entry could be a precarious and extremely important job. Cars for this day need to be divided into two segments – one for the fairy-tale entry you’ve always dreamt of and the second for transporting your guests to the venue. Your spreadsheet should not miss out on details like how many guests would require cars, how many hours the cars would be required, the number of days the cars will be required, a combination of guests to go in a car, etc. All these details are a must to make sure you don’t deviate from your set-aside budget.

#2 – Number of Luxury Cars:

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A fantastic way to start your wedding plans is to obtain a proper RSVP list of the number of guests who are going to attend the wedding. Before you sit down with the car rental company to determine the number of cars required, you need to shortlist the number of guests travelling from outside the city, the hotels they are put up in, the distance between the hotel and the wedding venue, etc. This will help you ascertain the number of cars required for the occasion.

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#3 – Type of Car:

Vintage cars, luxury cars, sports cars, minivans – the list is endless. The choice of transportation for the bride and the groom will ultimately turn out to be a treasured choice when you sit back and relive those precious moments from your important day. A perfect machine will lead to spectacular photography and memorable moments and ensure you arrive unfazed at the wedding.

#4 – Your Wedding Themes:

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It is most important to keep your wedding theme in mind before you settle down on the car. A good discussion with your photographer regarding the various options to make your special day even more unique is a must. Some priceless shots of the entry and exit to your ala Grande wedding and a professional photojournalistic approach to allow your car to blend into your wedding theme will give your wedding a very different perspective.

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#5 – Reliability of the Rental Wedding Car Merchant:

It is always advisable to check the reputation and reliability of the wedding car retailer prior to finalising the chauffeur or car rental company. Hiring a reputed company is of cardinal importance since you don’t want to have a last-minute mix-up, spoiling your unflawed wedding plans. Clean, intact and safe – should be some crucial points to look out for when you are finalising your wedding car merchant.

Also, a reputable retailer will have an exhaustive range of cars to choose from not limiting your options.


Hence, to conclude though budgeting is the meat and potatoes for any wedding plans, some thought into selecting your chauffeur car can add that extra zest for the groom and bridal party to appreciate the occasion and the efforts you put into making it perfect later on.

If you have any more questions, please contact MKL chauffeurs and be certain that you will be well-prepared for your special day!

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