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funeral transportation for family

The choice of funeral car is purely subjective and should be based on the preferences of the deceased and those left behind. The funeral procession may consist of a long line of chauffeured black cars, a group of bicycles, or a quiet, unhurried, pre-arranged gathering at the cemetery. Limousines are not compulsory, and you are free to use your transportation. However, most funeral directors insist that the deceased be transported in a hearse for traditional funerals. It is no legal requirement, though, so you are free to arrange your means of getting your loved one to the funeral if this does not suit you.

Selecting a hearse is not the same as choosing a typical vehicle. Funeral cars serve specific functions, so you must understand how to pick the best one for your needs when the time comes. MKL Chauffeurs provides a list of considerations before choosing a funeral car chauffeur in the UK.

Points to Consider Before Hire a Funeral Car Chauffeur:

Hire a Funeral Car Chauffeur

What Distance Are You Going?

Before a body is formally buried, the casket is transported in a funeral car. While some funeral homes are situated next to cemeteries, others may be situated quite far from the burial site. Consider the distance the vehicle needs to travel before choosing a suitable funeral car and whether it can withstand the trip. Some funeral vehicles are built to last longer than others. Make sure to research the varieties to find one that can accommodate your travel needs.

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How many seats are in funeral cars?

After you have planned for the transportation of your loved one’s body, depending on the distance, you also need to consider providing funeral transportation for family and friends. Depending on the style, the number of seats varies, but a funeral limousine typically holds 7-9 passengers. Another option is to hire a full-size stretch limousine, the biggest of which can accommodate 20 people.

Non-limo passengers have two options: they can drive behind in their cars, or a coach can be hired specially to transport them. Buses and other vehicles can be rented to transport up to 80 guests simultaneously. If there are many guests, choosing the latter option makes sense because it avoids blocking the roads with an escort that stretches for miles and prevents a surge in vehicle traffic to the funeral site. Hiring a coach is also helpful if any of the guests are coming from afar.

Do not just think about space when determining the size of funeral cars. Depending on the people involved, riding in a big vehicle together might be more reassuring than sticking to smaller family unit groups. At such a complex and painful time, it is often necessary for practicality to take a back seat to emotional well-being.

How to select a funeral hearse?

How to select a funeral hearse

The hearse comes in a wide range of variations. You could pay tribute to the deceased by planning something more unique for their funeral procession, depending on their wishes, interests, or pastimes. Even though the hearse is the most conventional funeral vehicle, it can still be personalised to honour the life and personality of the deceased. These long, glass-sided estate cars are the most popular choice because they are the most affordable and readily available option and are made specifically for carrying coffins. You can hire hearses that will transport your loved one invisibly if, for any reason, you would prefer a hidden casket.

You might choose a horse-drawn hearse if you want something more unusual. Horse-drawn hearse carriages, modelled after the traditional Victorian and Edwardian hearses and have internal and external rails for flowers, are a conventional and utterly elegant funeral option. Despite their vintage appearance, they can transport a wide range of conventional and modern caskets and coffins, just like a funeral car.

For contemporary funerals, motorcycle hearses are also growing in popularity. These unique motorcycles are well-liked by motorcycle enthusiasts and have a large side car for carrying the coffin. They are frequently followed by a sizable motorcade of the deceased’s biking friends. There are vintage motorcycles like Harley-Davidsons, Triumphs, and Suzuki that can take your loved one to the funeral in style. Families with a more significant concern for the environment might choose a bicycle hearse pulled by a parade of cyclists.

It is up to you whether you prefer a traditional appearance or something more contemporary. Before deciding, consider the various shades of colours, sizes, and styles. If you do not like how a car looks right now, you will probably hate it later.

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How much are you willing to spend?

Depending on the car’s size, model, and new features, some funeral car models can cost significantly more. An improved funeral vehicle will cost a little more than an outdated hearse or another type of funeral vehicle. If you decide you want a more robust mode of transportation and think the additional cost is worthwhile, consider that.

On that note…:

Honouring the wishes of the deceased while respecting the feelings of those still living is paramount in this process. Funeral preparations include planning funeral transport, which can seem like a difficult task, especially to unprepared people.

MKL Chauffeurs has a wide range of options and a sizable inventory to meet all needs if you want to hire a funeral car that is ideal for your requirements.

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