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Rolls Royce is a British luxury car brand which is what every car owner and collector dreams of. A car of this magnitude is not only known for its magnificent engine but also elegant interiors but also epitomises grace and performance.

History of Rolls Royce:

Henry Royce and Charles Rolls were known all around the world for building the spectacular engine. As their engineering technology grew, they expanded from an electrical and mechanical business to a luxury car manufacturer in 1904. Success with this principle led them to launch a six-cylinder Silver Ghost which was soon labelled as the “Best car in the world”. What makes Rolls Royce different from other car manufacturers is the fact that they do not mass-produce cars. The work on manufacturing the car starts only once the customer places the order. Cars are customised as per the requirement of the customer and this makes Rolls Royce the most sort-after car in the world.

Few Unknown Facts About Your Dream Car – Rolls Royce:

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#1 – First Rolls Royce Was Built With Only 10 Horsepower:

The best of British elegance and German technology is how Rolls Royce showcases opulence to the world. The first Rolls Royce built in 1904 with a 1.8-litre two-cylinder engine, a three-bearing crank and a twin camshaft was a brilliant piece of engineering.

#2 – 65% Of The Rolls Royces Are Still Running On Rhe Road:

It is a point of dignity and gratification, for any brand when they can boost the fact that 65% of the cars purchased under their brand umbrella are still running on the road and in service. This itself proves what a luxurious brand Rolls Royce is and how advanced their technology is.

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#3 – Air Conditioners Built-in Rolls Royce:

Rolls Royce is known for its luxury and elegance, and hence they have paid extra attention to giving their customers the world experience. Believe it or not, the cooling capacity of a Rolls Royce air conditioner is as powerful as 30 domestic refrigerators.

#4 – In-built Gear Scan:

A sublime feature of Rolls Royce is that you can’t change the gears or rather you are not required to. Rolls Royce technology always scans the road ahead and by combining radar with GPS it will automatically choose gear and suspension. This makes Rolls Royce like running on the water – smooth and jerk-free.

#5 – Logo Of Rolls Royce On The Wheels:

One unique branding technique by Rolls Royce is the logo of Rolls Royce on the wheel cap. However, what is eccentric about this is that the logo does not spin. The placement of the logo is such that it remains fixed making it visible all the time.

#6 – Rolls-Royce Still Places Its Trust In Human:

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What makes Rolls Royce different from all other brands is the fact that they still place their trust in humans rather than robots. Surprisingly Rolls Royce has only four robots in their entire factory. All the trust is placed in humans and importance is given to handmade parts.

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#7 – Rolls Royce Provides Training Programs For Drivers:

To provide white–glove experience to all Rolls Royce owners, Rolls Royce teaches etiquette, communication skills and behavioural skills to the drivers who cater as chauffeurs to the elite class of Rolls Royce owners. And this makes Rolls Royce stand apart from its competitors.

#8 – Bull Leather For Elegant Rolls Royce Interiors:

Rolls Royce owners are a class apart from their peers and they expect only the best from their prized possession. To give Rolls Royce owners that elegant experience, the company does not use female cattle skin since it may develop spots over time. All Rolls Royce cars have interiors made from leather of Bull from high-altitude European lands. The reason is at this altitude the presence of mosquitoes and insects is less, minimising bite marks.


To conclude, Rolls Royce’s history is as marvellous as the car itself. Though owning a Rolls Royce may seem to be a far-fetched dream for even those groups of people for whom owning a luxury piece is just a way to satisfy their egos but getting into the intricate details of this perfectly designed and exclusive car ever made is also something we must pride ourselves in. Take a luxurious ride with our exquisite selection of Rolls Royces. Contact MKL chauffeurs today and experience a journey of a lifetime full of excitement and luxury!

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